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Introducing INOAR Japanese Silk Super Food Hair Treatment

Revolutionary Post-Covid Hair Saviour with Immediate Results - Solves Hair Fall and gives Silky Smooth Hair!

Inoar is on the forefront once again, with its revolutionary Japanese Silk Superfood in-salon treatment, specifically developed with Covid-19 hair fall and hair condition in mind.

As the pandemic has worn on, it has become clear that our hair seems to be yet another one of Covid-19’s casualties. If your clients’ hair has been thinning or falling out altogether, and they have experienced a loss of shine and lustre, or a change in hair texture, it may be time to blame Covid-19.

Inoar’s Japanese Silk Superfood in-salon treatment has been developed with nano- & encapsulation technology that allows for enhanced penetration of the formula’s superfood ingredients into the scalp, follicles and hair shaft, with immediate results in improved hair moisture, gloss & lubrication, which are crucial for optimal growth, shine, texture and health of the hair.

An In-Salon Treatment that Gives Immediate Results for your Clients!

In less than two hours, and with results that last up to three months, your clients can have:

Hair that is soft, smooth and shiny like silk, with strength and longevity

Frizz-free and manageable hair

Enhanced colour definition, with UVA and UVB protection

Immediate results on reducing hair loss, and a substantial boost for long-term hair growth

Super Food Ingredients

goji berries


sweet cherry

wheatgerm extract

quinoa extract

flaxseed extract

artichoke extract

amino acids

Formulated with recognised SUPERFOODS with proven results in accelerating hair growth and decreasing hair loss, the Inoar Japanese Silk Superfood Treatment acts reconstructively, giving strength, vitality and resistance to hair. It is extremely moisturizing and nourishing, delivering nutrition deep into the hair shaft and scalp, softening the hair, sealing the cuticle and providing natural protection from UVA and UVB rays, improving colour longevity.

For all types of hair, including virgin- and / or colour-treated hair, the Inoar Japanese Silk Superfood Treatment promises hair growth acceleration and decreased hair loss from the first use, with results lasting up to three months, with up to 50% Volume Reduction and 99% Frizz Reduction.

The results speak for themselves:

Our clients have already had the really noticeable results!

Your clients will sing your praises for saving their tresses!

To order this revolutionary treatment today, contact:

INOAR South Africa Head Office

012 346 1721



Pretoria/Mpumalanga/North West

Michelle Marais


082 314 7566


Elani Viljoen


082 498 1402

Western Cape

Este Prince


082 565 0056

Free State

Chantelle Venter


084 265 4661

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