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How Working on Board Ship Opens Doors in your Career

Working on board cruise ships is an amazing opportunity for adventure, growth and high earnings. But even when your contract is over, this experience will superpower your career in the future. Here are all the reasons why.

Top Salons Look for Cruise Ship Stylists: You will be Like Gold!

According to Andrew Guilfoyle, owner of the famous Scar Hair in Cape Town, “My ears always prick up when I hear of someone coming off a ship.” Andrew explains this is because their service is always better. They have worked with a big variety of people who have high expectations, and they are good team players who work well with colleagues and clients. Their hairdressing skills are top class, they find it easier to pick up new techniques, they handle difficult situations well and are hard, ethical workers.

So – the take-home message is that if you complete a cruise ship contract, it opens doors for your dream career in any salon both in South Africa or worldwide. Cruise ships are international and every owner of a leading salon knows the high calibre of stylists who have worked on board.

Your Skills will Improve in All Directions: Wider Career Prospects

According to ex-cruise ship hairdresser Baylee Strike who today has a successful career in Umhlanga, the skills you learn on board stay with you for the whole of your career. “If it’s a quiet day I am more than likely looking for things to keep me busy and strategize. I also learned to show more leadership with my guests in the salon, and to work around a language barrier using only hand signals... It made me a stronger person and more business minded within the salon environment.”

This means that whether you are part of a salon team or whether you decide to run your own business, you will be faster, more competent, more confident and capable, and have a much better grasp of the business and personal skills you need to succeed. You will be extremely well skilled in a wide range of services and will have a much stronger ability to promote yourself, your services, and to retail well.

Many stylists end up doing more than one contract through London Wellness Academy, and if you decide life at sea is for you, you can return for as many contracts as you like, or climb the ladder to become an onboard spa manager!

There are so many options open to you and this amazing career enhancement starts with the first step!

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