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How Can Salon Product Online Superpower your Salon?

Do you want to become a fully stocked, 24/7 professional retail store that is able to compete with the “big players” and offer your own clients e-commerce sales together with personalised vouchers that brand YOU to your clients?

Clients who don’t buy in your salon can now order online through your unique link, or by nominating your salon at checkout. You receive the commission just as if the products were on your shelves. This allows you to SELL MORE and to SOLVE MORE as well as to REACH MORE new clients through effective marketing of your “online shop”! Products are safely couriered asap to the client’s door with green packaging and superb friendly service.

Your commission of 20% on every order is paid monthly and you also get a report on who ordered what, so you know what your clients are buying! This allows you to make better decisions about your in-store stock!

All this for just R99 a month!

Get in touch with us today and sign up now to enjoy the many benefits of being part of the Salon Product Online family – more huge benefits are coming soon!

To learn more or to sign up today, please email

Tel: 082 891 8537


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