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Henry E Hair Boutique Assists with Wollies Animal Shelter

By Henry E Wakefield

Wollies is an Animal Shelter where stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered - mostly dogs or cats - are housed.

"A dog is the only animal that loves you more than he loves himself", Josh Billings once said. The world will be a nicer place if everyone has the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog loves.

Wollies Animal Shelter is a NPO Animal Project.

Dogs and cats are given plenty of love and attention, but they require our urgent help at the Wollies Animal Shelter.

Henry E Hair Boutique has decided to help the Wollies Animal Shelter in their plea to collect Wet and/or Dry Dog and/or Cat food.

Henry E would like you to consider being a volunteer by assisting the drive to collect food and blankets for the Wollies Shelter. Like all shelters, Wollies is having a difficult time right now. Due to the Covid Pandemic, they can't have fundraising functions and they are under huge financial pressure. You can help by donating to Wollies.

Please consider dropping off Wet and/or Dry dog and/or cat food, blankets, treats, toys, or any other items that you may wish to donate, to the Henry E Hair Boutique at: 636 Alouette Street, Elarduspark.

Should you prefer to, you may also consider to rather make a small financial contribution to help the Wollies Animal Shelter. Wollies needs your help to look after their animals.

For more info contact Henry on 082 345 2794.

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