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Groomed Academy's Eric Way Presenting at Salon International London 2021

We are so proud of our SA icon Eric Way, owner of Groomed Academy, who is at Salon International from tomorrow representing the fabulous group Head Quarters Barbers and Beverages - we know you are going to rock them Eric!

Love the work you have been advertising as a teaser for this event - take a look!

Eric is brand ambassador, educator and artistic manager, all in one with Head Quarters, and in charge of their training and competitions work, helping elevate their brand and profile.

He’s excited to be working now with Artero, a long-respected clipper brand with amazing clippers. He is appearing in London at Salon International from tomorrow October 16th as one of their listed celebrity guest artists, with his own team he put together from Headquarters as their artistic manager.

Eric is thrilled to be able to say that this is such a huge attribution to have this international backing to Groomed Academy in South Africa and to have the Creative Director associated with such well known international brandings, building the SA brand world-wide.

Don’t forget to sign up for Groomed online courses to take your barber skills to the next level and for the competition where you could be jetting overseas.

Click HERE to find out more about Groomed Academy’s dual certification online courses and click HERE to read more about the incredible competition with an overseas trip as the prize.

Entries close: 30 November 2021

For more information on Groomed Academy and Head Quarters Barbers and Beverages, visit the websites and follow them on Facebook.

Groomed Barber Training Academy

Head Quarters Barbers and Beverages UK


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