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Goldwell Launches Nuwave: The Revolutionary Semi-Permanent Waving Service

The reinvention of waves is here with Goldwell Nuwave.

Today, waves are a massive trend and every stylist wants to deliver their client perfect, lasting waves.

Goldwell Nuwave has innovated the first-ever semi-permanent shape change service, allowing your client to enjoy effortless waves every day.

Thanks to incredible, new generation technology, your client can choose anything from classic beach waves, bouncy voluminous waves, loose sexy waves, or messy textured waves, with total freedom of styling for up to three months.

Best of all, the hair will feel as good as it looks with health, shine and integrity.

How does the technology work?

For reinvented waves, you need reinvented technology! The new Smart Control Bond System ensures that the process stops when the waves reach their shape. Even your clients with bleached or damaged hair can safely have this service if they also use Goldwell System Protector Balancing Cream.

Four Steps to a Perfect Wave

Step 1: Nuwave 1 Prep Cream starts the process by gently softening the minimum amount of bonds.

Step 2: Nuwave 2 Shaping Lotion activates the open bonds and promotes a controlled shift to the desired shape.

Step 3: Nuwave 3 Replenishing Serum rebuilds the hair’s integrity, infusing it with keratin, amino acids and panthenol.

Step 4: Nuwave 4 Lock-In Fluid finishes the shape-changing process by locking the bonds and sealing the waves for up to three months.

Nuwave breaks away from conventional techniques and allows for fun, creativity, and a faster, easier service.

Now you can “make waves” in your salon, while having fun and creating stunning, high-fashion, sought-after effects that your client will love.

Top Tip: Send your client home with the fabulous StyleSign Soft Waver, a lightweight wave fluid for soft, natural waves that helps to activate and support the Nuwave look.

Do you love the idea of the Nuwave service? Is this something that could transform your clients’ hair and give them that tousled, trendy, sensual shape they long for?

Get in touch with the Goldwell team and introduce Nuwave to your salon today!

Call your Goldwell rep for details, or phone 011 312 5070 or email if you would like to try out this service in your salon.


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