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Gary Rom Unisex Hairdressing - Committed to Making A Difference

I have always been the type of entrepreneur that likes to believe that I think a little differently to most. I am not saying that elevates me above anyone, but rather that I start with the end goal in mind and work my way backwards to achieve the result. When I started my training career, salon owners usually asked me why I was ‘qualified’ to teach their teams. My answer was simple. I have made more mistakes than most.

Mistakes Allow Growth

Making mistakes has allowed me to determine what does not work. It is through failure that the brand has grown from strength to strength and through failure that there are currently 21 branches across all aspects of the Gary Rom brand, with a further 7 planned and confirmed for the rest of the year.

Learning, Constant Change and Evolution

Every year the entire “engine room” of the brand meets over a period of around 3 days, to ascertain and reassess every part of the process and brand ethos that made us successful the previous year.

There are many of the successful processes that we tweak or even change totally, because as you all know the only thing constant is change, and what worked last year will not necessarily make the grade the next.

I am proud of the fact that we have been able to evolve as a brand, that we are forward thinkers, that we challenge the boundaries and the proven formulas of prior successes all the time.

It is because I have been involved with training concepts my entire life both locally and internationally that I can say with confidence and without reservation that the Gary Rom brand has grown largely due to this age old saying. The old adage that “the more you teach, the more you learn” is indeed true.

Welcome to the Gary Rom Team

I have learnt more in my lifetime from different individuals, salon owners, artistic directors and apprentices than most.

The more I pass it on, the more my life is enriched.

The Gary Rom group would love to hear from you as we expand into a new dawn.

The entire team lives by the principles of the words above, and we are ready and waiting to welcome you.

Interested parties can send their CV to


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