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Gary Rom Hairdressing – Join the Team That's Committed to Your Education and Success

Gary Rom Hairdressing – Dedication and Success For Over 30 Years

Gary Rom Hairdressing has been in existence in South Africa since 1988. In the early days, the salon group was called Inter Hair Design, and traded out of 2 branches in Pretoria. I decided to re-brand the name to Gary Rom Hairdressing in 2003, with the simple reason being that all great hair brands worldwide carry the name of the owner.

I have been blessed and fortunate in my career to have the honour of training both nationally in South Africa, having trained more than 1000 salon professionals in more than 100 salons countrywide, and also internationally to more than 7000 salon professionals in more than 40 countries around the world. I have many highlights in my career, but two that stand out are:

  • Winning the Global Salon Business award in 2003 for Salon Leadership, the award was handed to me in Los Angeles – a proud moment as more than 70 countries took part, over 1000 entries, and one winner.

  • Assisting L’Oréal Professional to launch Kérastase into India, the second most populated nation on earth, pioneering the way for salon professionals to understand retail and at the same time profit from a leading luxury retail brand, making a difference to the quality of the lives of these salon professionals, and their families.

The Gary Rom Hairdressing Focus – Education

These highlights are the result of an unwavering dedication to education. A structured and process driven approach is critical to the salon industry, ensuring along the way that service delivery from salon professionals that choose to work in the company is of the highest standard. This level of consultation and client approach ensure that hairstylists who work for the Gary Rom brand live better lives, earning an income that is equal to, or greater than that of top salon professionals worldwide.

I have focused my career on education, understanding early on in my life that there is no end to education, that the quest for knowledge is key, and that passing on this knowledge to my teams will prepare them to become salon owners and market leaders in their own right.

Apprentices are Our Future

The emphasis on education in the brand starts with apprentices, these people are as important to me as top stylists. Apprentices are our future - many have gone on to open multiple franchises in the brand, their careers spanning more than 14 years in the process. Barbers and stylists are educated to understand the finer details of client service, advanced skills training and client approach being the order of the day.

Join the Gary Rom Team and Build Your Own Future

With 21 salons and barber shops countrywide, and further plans in the next 7 months to add an additional 7 stores to the portfolio, we are looking for industry professionals to join this brand. My promise to those that are interested is that we will throw the full weight of the brand behind your education, enabling you to become the very best version of yourself along the way.

If you are a barber, an apprentice or a stylist that has the desire to achieve your full potential in this great industry, mail your CV to


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