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EOHCB Meet the Team: Carina Goncalves - Industrial Relations Officer Free State & Kimberley

My name is Carina Goncalves, and I am a holder of an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of the Free State. Currently, I serve as the Industrial Relations Officer for the Free State and Kimberley region under the EOHCB. In this capacity, my primary responsibilities revolve around providing guidance to our members on matters concerning labour practices, policies, and fostering a harmonious employment relationship.

Why should employers and legal owners consider joining EOHCB?

The EOHCB offers invaluable advocacy and support services tailored to assist members in navigating the complexities of employment-related challenges. From resolving disputes to addressing issues impacting their businesses or careers, our organisation stands ready to provide legal advice, regulatory guidance, and industry- specific assistance. By joining the EOHCB, employers and legal owners gain access to a reliable resource for advocacy and support, ensuring a stronger foundation for their operations and professional endeavours.

For any further information or enquiries please contact the EOHCB representative in your area by clicking HERE.

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