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Discover Milkshake's Bloom Collection: The Colours of Nature

The new concept™ collection – a celebration of natural beauty

Glossy, healthy hair, warm colours and the textures of personalized natural uniqueness.

Bloom celebrates the only tangible beauty we possess: the beauty of the present.

When personality and beauty are combined, an endless number of possibilities are created to represent women in their many facets. Just like nature, which is extraordinarily perfect when considered as a whole.

In this collection of cuts and colours, milk_shake gives life to personal uniqueness: so romantic and feminine, it lights up the eyes and uncovers our true essence.

The strength of the shades of the earth and the light of the sun in the hair ignite the harmony of colours. The wet look is the emblem of innate beauty. Shades become imperceptible and styling is the symbol of feminine naturalness.

It’s the Cut and it’s the Colour: Step by Step


A Blooming of a variety of lengths, from short to long, all of them sharing the same characteristics: full blunt cut perimeters with untraditionally cut layers, more choppy/texturized layers that are of different lengths - these will provide more interesting shapes. Fringes are the new accessory.

Personalization is the must, adapting to style and personality to create an overall feeling of uniqueness.


The colours of nature, reflected on the hair. Warm chocolate tones will dominate, with an introduction of caramel and toffee tones. The warm copper of autumn leaves and sandy blond strands. Blondes will be warmer or neutral sandy shades but glossy colour will be a must for the overall vision of heathy, shiny looking hair.

All create movement and dimension for each style.

A Blossoming of colours in the hair.


Click HERE to download and view the Bloom Step by Step Cut and Colour PDF to effortlessly unlock the natural beauty for your clients.

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