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DEPOT® Scents 902 & 903: Enhance your Clients’ Wellbeing with Sensorial Experience

You as a salon owner are in a unique position to augment your clients’ wellbeing and lifestyle comfort. They look to you to enhance their experience of themselves and the world, not only through their hair and skincare but a more complete expression of their self.

Consumers are looking for a reason that drives them to buy a fragrance, not necessarily related to the price. Most of them look for products that make them feel gratified while using it.

For this reason, we have decided to connect the world of DEPOT® fragrances to the sensory experience that only our brand is able to offer.

DEPOT® can help your business benefit from the maturation and changes in consumer behaviour with our new No.902 AMBIENT FRAGRANCE SPRAY and No.903 AMBIENT FRAGRANCE DIFFUSER

The World of Fragrances & the Evolution of Consumer Behaviour

  • Escape from reality through fragrances.

  • Fragrances connect to memories and emotions and can help consumers in their search for light-heartedness and daily escape.

  • Fragrance becomes an expression of the self.

  • Recognizing oneself in a fragrance makes the consumer want it as an expression of their individuality, consequently guaranteeing its repurchase over time.

The DEPOT® Sensory Experiences are what make us Unique

The range of fragrances available will give your clients the opportunity to choose their favourite fragrance to take the DEPOT® experience with them wherever they go.

  • New and fresh fragrance to cater to different tastes

  • Capture potential new clients through new fragrance

Take Advantage of the DEPOT Fragrance Experience with DEPOT®’S New & Intriguing Fragrance as The Perfect Gift For Your Clientele

As a SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOUR CLIENTS, with the purchase of 1 product, the client will receive 20% off to use immediately on a product from the 900 range.


And Now in 2 Ambience Enhancement Forms

SARTORIAL SAGE - oriental, aromatic, woody



The demand for new fragrances will grow - the return to the pre-pandemic rhythms of life is driving consumers to search for new fragrances to enrich their daily routine.

New fragrances for new needs - 45% of American consumers will choose a new fragrance that matches their needs, underlining the strong relationship of this choice with their lifestyle*

*Source: Mintel’s Global Consumer, August 2021

Your salon can only benefit by reinforcing your place as the expert and mentor your Clients look to for the full enhancement of their health and lifestyle. Enrich their personal environment with fragrances designed purely for their sense of self and sensorial well-being.

Take Note Trading are distributors of DEPOT and Milk_shake in SA

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