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Cruise Ship Hairdressers Needed: Train in July, Work Aboard in August 2022!

This is such exciting news.

Cruise ships are sailing again to exotic destinations around the world, and the industry is pumping!

Hairdressers are in huge demand for the luxury spas on board these amazing ships.

Training has restarted in South Africa, making it easy and convenient for you to complete the two week course and be assigned to a ship, to start your career adventure.

The training is designed for qualified hairdressers. This intensive and inspiring training course is designed to equip you with the skills and services that you will need to excel on board.

Hairdressers of any age over 18 years can work on board – there are no upper age limits, and you will be assigned to a ship that suits you.

Life on board is amazing fun. You meet new clients every week, work in an incredible, luxury spa with top class products, and have the opportunity to earn seriously good money in tax free dollars. Because it is a tax-free environment, retailing is super easy and you will be amazed by the skill and confidence you develop.

Your meals and accommodation are all paid for and hairdressers can enjoy many of the onboard activities at certain times. From the movie house to the shows to the restaurants and the crew bar – life on board is an adventure where you will make friends from all over the world.

Each week you get one and a half days off, which are always port days, meaning that you can leave the ship and explore the fabulous cities, seeing the sights and creating lifelong memories.

A contract is 9 months in duration and many hairdressers sign up for a second, third or fourth contract as they enjoy the life so much. You will accumulate a significant nestegg of money with very few expenses, and you will gain experience on your CV that is sought after and opens doors all over the world.

Sign up today for your confidential interview and a recruitment consultant will be in touch to answer any of your questions and take this forward!

Sign up today and change your life by August!


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