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DEPOT® The Male Tools & Co: Men’s Stories – Enhancing Personal Style

There are many features that enhance a man’s style, and DEPOT®️ has the best solutions to enhance them all

Experience DEPOT® and discover the complete range for male beauty routines. 


Men’s Stories

There are many qualities that make a man fascinating. And each of these makes him unique.

The “men’s stories….” present us with men with unique personalities who love to take care of themselves, to be ready to face every moment of their day in the best possible way, always. 

And it is from stories like theirs that DEPOT® takes inspiration to create complete product lines for male beauty routines.


In “men’s stories….” We have the pleasure of sharing the stories these men have told us and their relationship with male beauty.


. Chef . 

Vincent believes his restaurant is not just a place, it is a part of him that he carries with him at all times, just like his notebook of ideas, where he jots down inspiration for the dishes he creates every day. For him it is essential to find quality products for a quick and effective beauty routine. The recipe for his style is made up of many ingredients. All designed by DEPOT.


What is male beauty?

“Beauty means taking care of yourself externally, staying fit, healthy… But also taking care of what you have inside, learning new things every day, because this makes you a better person.”


Discover his story:

Discover the unique "DEPOT® experience" at the barber's and at home

Specific products for hair, shaving and beard care, as well as body care and personal and home fragrances, to enhance a man’s style at all times.


Refined ingredients, exclusive treatments and unique rituals that satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. This is DEPOT®.



A complete range of professional products.

A unique experience both at home and in the barbershop.

The ideal partner for barbers who want to elevate and grow their business.


DEPOT®. A man’s quality.

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