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Business Blog 18 September 2023: Image & Reputation

If business is quieter than you would like perhaps you need to make more noise!

Another name for noise is marketing - making people aware of you, becoming relevant, sought after and desirable.

For marketing to be really effective there are two things you need to focus on - IMAGE & REPUTATION.

When you first started your salon you probably had a vision of what you wanted your business to be.

Have you achieved that? When clients come into your salon, what image are they greeted with?

Everything clients experience during their time in your salon either adds to, or takes away from, their salon experience and their memory of a visit to your salon. Considering clients spend so little time in the salon it is crucial that the memory of their last visit, the image that appears in their heads when the think of you - the warm friendly greeting, the hospitality, the professional consultation they receive each and every visit, the professional recommendations they receive that helps them manage their hair between visits to the salon are all positive.

The second part of this marketing exercise is to get people talking about you.

Give them something to talk about! Ask them to talk about you! and they will! A visit to the salon is a mind-changer for clients - they feel more glamorous, younger, self-confident and they will receive compliments from their friends and colleagues. This is when these satisfied clients should be describing YOU from the memory they have of a visit to your salon.

So much is in the referrals.

It's called network marketing - getting existing clients to refer friends, colleagues, other members of their family - the prospects are endless.

Consider ways to reward clients who do refer new clients or are social influencers, either by adding them to your loyalty programme, making them VIP clients, or appointing them as salon ambassadors.

It's that simple!

Keep in mind the critical factor - those same clients will tell MORE people about a bad salon experience so we really need to focus 100% of our energy on creating the perfect salon experience for each of our clients, all of the time, every time.

– Terry Miles, MD MySalon Software


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