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Biosense South Africa: Embracing Our Roots – Supporting Local Artists

Remember our Christmas packaging in 2021? We are stepping it up this year to a new level. Biosense is going back to its roots in more ways than hair care. Our roots are important to us, and so is creativity. As a South African company, we are giving back to our community by enriching not only hair, but the creative people of our city.

We have chosen four young artists In Grade 11 from a local school in Johannesburg to paint the artwork for the covers for our 2022 Christmas box covers.

• • • • • • • • • 

Inspiration No 1 -Johannesburg Skyline

Johannesburg, also known as eGoli, is the most populous city in South Africa, and the provincial capital of Gauteng Province. The city is affectionately known as ‘Jo'burg’, ‘Jozi’ and ‘JHB’ by South Africans.

The Artist

Saraswati Saijal Pather’s grandmother introduced her to art and she loves anything creative whether it be music, acting or dancing. She has a very deep connection with art and she says it has helped her through almost every aspect of her life.

• • • • • • • • • 

Inspiration No 2 -Bo-kaap

The Bo-Kaap is an area of Cape Town that was formerly a racially segregated area. When the apartheid was lifted, the new owners painted their houses in bright colours as an expression of their freedom.

The Artist

Venturous Skull values anonymity in their private life as they feel their art transcends society’s expectations. You can follow their art on instagram: venturous_skull.

• • • • • • • • • 

Inspiration No 3 -The Baobab Tree

Baobab is an essential ingredient in all our hair products. The Baobab trees store water in their trunks and their fruit has been associated with a number of remarkable health benefits.

The Artist

Paballo Mojahi has been to many schools with different cultures, races, and backgrounds, which inspires her to be authentic in her art.

• • • • • • • • • 

Inspiration No 4-Rainbow Hair

Biosense is all about roots, hair roots, cultural roots, home roots. Our products are as unique as our rainbow coloured nation.

The Artist

Skye Mackinnon has continuously been the top student in her art class and was awarded the trophy for most promising artist. Art is her passion and she draws and paints every day.

Biosense will be auctioning the stunning original artwork pieces and the proceeds will go towards the girls’ college fund.

Biosense is a proudly South African owned haircare brand that brings you back to your roots.

If your salon is further interested in helping Biosense support and encourage our wonderful local creative culture and talent, contact Lindzey Turton.

Tel: +27 011 305 1600

Web: Twincare


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