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Beat Loadshedding with Megix10

Is loadshedding getting you down? Is Eskom making it impossible for you to service your clients? Do you want to take back control over the time that you can work?

With Megix 10-minute colour you can beat loadshedding. Clients can be in and out of the salon in as little as 30 minutes, allowing you to fit in more clients in a shorter space of time and thus reducing downtime because of loadshedding.

With this range you save up to 70% on time per service compared to traditional colour:

Furthermore, because of the significant reduction in processing time, clients are less exposed to chemicals, thus reducing the risk of developing scalp sensitivities or allergies.

Megix|10 will also help you make more money, because you can fit more clients into a day. Also, with the use of Megix|MorpH, turn any Megix|10 nuance into an acidic demi-toner. No need to stock any additional colour lines!

Why should you use Megix 10-minute colour in your salon?

• Achieve 100% grey coverage with the new true neutrals in just 10 minutes!

• The 10-minute colour is not progressive, meaning that the result will not become darker if left for longer than 10 minutes.

• Megix10 offers 86 astonishing shades plus 6 high-lifters, giving you a total of 92 colours to choose from.

• Clients are less exposed to chemicals preventing irritated and sensitive scalps due to an overexposure to chemicals.

• Megix10 contains Keraveg-18 amino-acids to maintain the hair’s integrity and to ensure longevity of the colour.

• Megix10 is dual functional and can be used as a permanent-, semi-, alkaline demi- or acidic demi-colour.

• Megix10 uses micro pigment technology (“MPT”). Because the pigments are so small, the cuticle does not have to be opened that much, resulting in less damage to the hair bonds.

• The combination of lower alkalinity and lower pH ensures that the integrity of bonds is maintained.

For more information on the new Megix|10 click HERE

Phone or WhatsApp: 018 468 1000


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