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Bargaining Council June Updates: Updated Salary Schedules, Postal Returns & Council Staff

UPDATED SALARY SCHEDULES: Substantive Negotiations between the Employers’ Organisation for Hair, Cosmetology And Beauty (EOHCB) And UASA – The Union

The Salary Schedules to the Main Agreement have been updated on the Council’s website ( in accordance with the agreement reached between the Employers Organisation for Hair, Cosmetology and Beauty (EOHCB) and UASA – The Union. The agreement reached between the parties is effective from 1 June 2023 for members and for non-parties from the date of publication of such by the Minister of Labour.

Div 101 • Div 102 • Div 103 • Div 104 • Div 105 • Div 106 • 

Div 106 (New Scope) • Div 107 • Div 108 • Div 109 • Div 112 • 

Div 113Div 114 • Div 115 • Div 116 • Div 117


It remains extremely important that establishments who receive their Returns by post, provide the Council with their email addresses for the purpose of receiving Returns going forward. Please send your contact email addresses for purposes of correspondence with the Council and receipt of Returns to or to

Alternatively, EOHCB members, may provide consent to EOHCB to provide the Council with their contact email addresses. Click HERE CONSENT FORM or go to

Please note that a failure to receive Returns does not exempt establishments from complying with their legal obligations!


Please see below updated information and contact details for the Council staff newly appointed to the following positions:

Sudarshan Poovalingam – Legal & Compliance Manager (Johannesburg Office)

Tel: 0861 427 227

Precious Mlambo – Case Management Manager & Office Supervisor (Pretoria Office)

Tel: 012 682 0175 Tel: 0870 941 816

Melisha Dhanuk- Credit Controller & Office Supervisor (Durban Office)

Tel No: 031 201 1193/5

Itumeleng Motsaapheko – Credit Controller (Johannesburg Office)

Tel: 0861 427 227

Please consult the Council’s WEBSITE for the contact details of Agents in your area.

For more information, contact:


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