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The Power of Pureology

#Color care without compromise

Pureology was born from a powerful idea: create the best professional products for color-treated hair. As the pioneer of VEGAN COLOR CARE and ZEROSULFATE® formulations, we strive to make women feel beautiful inside and out. Our formulations are customized and high performing while caring for our planet and animals, with beauty and integrity in mind.

#Redefining Colorcare

100% Vegan formulas. Zerosulfates®. Concentrated formulas.

Dual-benefit, professional, quality color care with premium formulations, customized for every need.

#Salon Favourites

See. Smell. Touch. Decadent textures. Captivating fragrances. Rich, creamy lather.

Experience beauty through the senses. Our fragrances and textures are designed to take you on unique sensorial journeys, with the finest ingredients for an extraordinary color care experience like no other.

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Article from Chanel Pond, L’Oréal Professional Products Division


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