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Kao’s Amplified Focus on Sustainability

Kao Salon Division has announced plans to amplify its focus on sustainability, as part of their global effort to create real and lasting change. This will allow stockists of Goldwell and KMS in South Africa to be part of this amazing, green, eco-friendly initiative, and for clients to be proud that they are supporting a brand with a strong focus in this regard. The goal is to reduce their impact on the environment, and to empower salon owners to operate their salons more sustainably.

The new, holistic sustainability strategy is called the Kirei Lifestyle Plan. Every product in all the Kao ranges will be improved so that its environmental footprint is minimised through increased sustainability, streamlined production, and packaging that minimises waste. The Kao Salon Division’s amplified sustainability efforts will also include: • Reduction of the environmental impact of its formulas. • Lessening propellants (VOCs) and aerosol products whenever possible and using new spray technologies. • Raw materials with the smallest environmental footprint, including fully sustainable palm oil from certified sources. • Improvement in the biodegradability of formulas to minimize their impact on human and animal life. • Reduction of CO2-emissions by reducing product weight for transporting. • Packaging solutions that minimize waste and are from certified sustainable sources. • Minimization of the use of plastics wherever possible. • Increase in the usage of recycled and recyclable plastics. • Digital replacing print wherever possible for a lower environmental impact • Exploring more ways to become climate-neutral.

Kao Salon Division is proud to be supporting partner salons in this important goal, with training, access to expert consultants, and interactive information exchange. Love Goldwell KMS? Like their Facebook pages below. GoldwellKMS Want to stock these phenomenal products that have a strong focus on green sustainability? Call Kao on 011 312 5070.

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