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Styles: Aqua by Salvador Oliver, Spain

This collection is inspired by water as a source of life. In addition, with it, Salvador Oliver, pays homage to his land, Murcia (Spain), where water is a scarce commodity in all its forms, fresh and salt. Aqua captures water in its different forms in each of the four images and, with this work, the hairdresser manages to take another step in his career, reaching his first cover. To highlight the importance of water and, therefore, of life, all images are in black and white, except for the look and the background, which are blue. Likewise, in each of the looks, it is present in the form of drops on the face and the hair.

The collection also serves as a vindication. Murcia has the largest salt water lagoon in Europe, Mar Menor, which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea, and which has been dying for several years due to the inaction of public administration.

This look represents sea water after hitting the rocks. To achieve this beautiful effect, Salvador Oliver creates hypertextured zones disconnected from the side with a very solid and perfect geometry, which is characteristic of the entire collection.

This look represents a wave just before breaking, and that is why very solid shapes and very geometric haircuts are used, without neglecting the detail of the drops sliding down the face, a very symbolic effect that accompanies the entire collection.

In this image the water is represented through the fresh water of a waterfall, hence the verticality and the strands that fall as if they were different jets or jets. The wet texture, created from a very watery fixation, transmits the solidity of water even more strongly when it glides in abundance.

In this last image, water appears tame, as when it is captured in a solid container, be it a pond, a tank or even a simple glass of water. However, its beauty and mystery remain dormant.

Hair: Salvador Oliver @La Barbería de Oliver

Hair Instagram: @labarberiadeoliver @salvador_oliver__

Hair Assistant: Omar Navarro

Photography: Juan Francisco Pagán

Photographer Instagram: @juanfranciscopagan

Retouching: Javier Villalabeitia

Retouching Instagram: @javiervillalabeitia

MUA: Mónica Moreno C.

MUA Instagram: @monica_moreno_c

Styling: Mónica Moreno C.

Models: Felipe Rojo, Fernando G. Ros, Pablo José Román, Manuel Muñoz.

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