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Covid-19: Homecare Guidelines for Mild Cases and FAQ on Salon Safety

With coronavirus cases rising steeply, we hope that these homecare guidelines for mild cases, compiled by Dr Aysha Kola and Dr Waasila Jassat, will be useful and valuable for salons to share with clients.

Wear your masks and PPE correctly at all times and share good advice and safe habits, not the virus!

Download the Guidelines HERE

If you would like the guidelines whatsapped to you then please whatsapp 082 891 8537 with the word Guidelines and we will send them back.

How long should you wait before booking in a sick client?

If a client has tested positive for coronavirus OR if the client is experiencing any flu-like symptoms then please ask them to wait for a minimum of 14 days before booking into your salon.

HERE is the link to an up to date article stating that studies show that after 14 days, people are not likely to be infectious.

However please note that the study also states people are infectious for a couple of days before showing symptoms. This is why this disease can spread so fast and silently and why the proper, correct wearing of masks and PPE is essential in salons at all times.

If your nose is visible you are not wearing your mask correctly and are at risk of catching and spreading the disease.

Should you see clients if you are not feeling well?

Updated medical advice: we realise salons are under pressure to recoup your losses after the lockdown but if you are not feeling well, please DO NOT see clients. Rather contact them and ask them to wait a few days until you are feeling better. In a time of a pandemic you do not even want to come to work with a non-corona virus. Health and protection is paramount. Please be responsible.

If you have any other questions please email and we will do a follow up article next Saturday where we address more important virus-related and safety-related issues.

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