4 Post-Lockdown Trends According to Akin Konizi of HOB Academy, UK

With home haircuts dominating the lockdown headlines, what will clients be wanting once salons have opened their doors? HOB Academy international creative director Akin Konizi looks at the key trends emerging.

1.2020 will be the year of the bob. This classic style suits all clients and is perfect for those who might have grown out their shorter styles and want to keep some length. There are no rules when it comes to a bob – it can be worn blunt and sleek or soft and feminine, frame the face or sit on the shoulders.

2.Long hair is always popular in the summer and this year clients will be embracing their layers. Gone are the days of mermaid waves; clients will be embracing their natural texture, but still want it to look beautiful, groomed and healthy.

3.The shag will be one of the most popular post-lockdown styles – face-framing layers, soft fringes and an effortless finish.

4.Many people tried a homestyle fringe during lockdown – and will want to keep it. If a client only wants one new change, give them a fringe as it will shake up their style straight away, can be blunt and strong or soft and skim the eyelashes.

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