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Interview with Michelle Stanton of Veaudry on Social Media Positivity

Veaudry recently sponsored the Social Media Positivity Challenge, won by Carbon Hyde Park, with the stunning prize of a Veaudry Demi Limited Edition styler.

Hairnews chatted to Michelle Stanton of Veaudry on why this competition was such a good fit with the Veaudry brand, and what advice they can offer salons who are getting back to business.

Q: Why did Veaudry sponsor this competition?

A: Veaudry International got behind the initiative to keep the focus on being positive during difficult times. This social media campaign was an opportunity for us to thrive and remain positive, as it allowed us to be constructive during one of the darkest times in our industry. We can all agree that it has been a challenging and somewhat fearful time, but saying that, with every obstacle there is always an opportunity.

Focusing on the negative only holds us back and prevents us looking at a positive and brighter future.

It’s through these obstacles that opportunities arise.

Q: As hairstylists head back to work, what are your tips for connecting with clients on social media?

A: We are all looking forward to opening up our trade during the next phase of the advanced lockdown level 3, and while it is exciting to get our doors open and follow all the necessary rules and regulations, we feel it is important to be aware of your clients (as well as yourselves) mental and emotional position towards the world wide pandemic as a whole,

We have no doubt that this topic in general is going to dominate our conversations for the months to come, whilst we catch up on the last 3 months of not seeing our beloved clients, however, saying this, we need to be aware that some clients may fall into the ‘fear’ category of this pandemic and be somewhat nervous to visit the salon.

We need to ensure that whilst we will be flat out in our salons keeping up with a waiting list of much needed appointments we should not neglect our social media platform to stay in contact with all our clients, especially those that may be fearful to venture into the salon again. We need to constantly reassure our clients of the safety precautions our businesses are taking to keep our clients safety and comfort our 1st priority.

In a nutshell regardless where you as a stylist may be emotionally on this journey we need to be gracious and understanding of the emotions of all our clients during this time, thus we need to keep our social media activity as strong as it was during the lockdown to ensure that we reach all our clients ALL the time.

Whilst the obstacle of lockdown forced us to be more active on social media it has also created an opportunity within our businesses to drive our products and services through digital platforms that we should not neglect going forward.

To find out more about the Veaudry Demi styler gift set or order Veaudry products for your salon please contact:

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