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Kevin Tabilo Creates “Online Protest” for Salons to Reopen

Industry personality Kevin Tabilo, national sales manager for Ref, recently came up with a fabulous way for the reopening pleas to be heard online.

A socially distanced “peaceful protest” at shopping malls holding signs, or else publishing photos online holding signs, will help to spread awareness of the industry’s plight, and hopefully motivate Government to publish the safety protocols asap.

“A movement without action is just words,” Kevin says, explaining that he is glad to be speaking out and doing something in a public platform, to help gain support and awareness for the industry’s reopening asap. “There are ways to be heard that can be done peacefully and without putting any of us in danger,” he explains.

Watch the fabulous video from Shag High Voltage Hair below.

Kevin is challenging other hairstylists and salons to do the same and spread the word, using the hashtags

#untieourhands #when #liftthebansa #makesabeautifulagain

Show us yours online!

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