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Wella Professionals National TrendVision Awards Cancelled

Bon Jovi’s lyrics “ooh, living on a prayer” seem to summarise the collective feeling of our industry right now. COVID-19 has had many implications, and one of these is that Wella Professionals National TrendVision Awards (NTVA) 2020 is cancelled.

NTVA is a prestigious competition on our local hairdressing calendar that allows our winners to move on to the International TrendVision Award Creative Retreat (ITVA). It gives them recognition from their peers and the global hairdressing community.

Internationally, the competition will continue but will be entirely digitally driven. In South Africa, however, we want to give our stylists time to focus on their businesses. COVID-19 has been devasting to many salons, and this directly impacts our stylist’s ability to participate. The expectation on NTVA finalists’ creativity and excellence is tremendous, and the added pressure of reopening salons, gaining business, and recouping financial loss while competing, divides focus.

Modern Hair & Beauty, who hosts the NTVA competition for Wella Professionals has decided to cancel the competition in favour of supporting our stylists during this tough time. We want our stylists to enter when their salons are thriving again; when they can focus on pushing their creative limits, bringing their unique vision to the NTVA stage.

Flo Neacsu (Wella), Carla Klue (Sebastian), Fabio Macchia (SEBMAN), and Charles Junior Louw (Wella) will remain the winners of their respective categories and will attend ITVA in March 2021.

Charles Junior Louw, who won the Global Gold award for Creative Artist, an incredible feat making the local industry incredibly proud, will represent South Africa on the global stage at ITVA and the 2021 Destination Event.

Thankfully, and as if Bon Jovi knew, “oooh, we’re halfway there”! We look forward to seeing next year’s entries, to renewed creativity and hairdressing excellence.

Stay safe.

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