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DeMar Agencies: Our Online Store is The Easiest Way for You to Ship to Clients Direct

DeMar Agencies is proud to announce that we have launched a temporary online store, where you can order quality, professional and affordable products to be shipped direct to your clients, just as if they were shopping at your salon.

What sets our store and offering apart? Firstly, you place the orders on your clients’ behalf. So they pay you, and then you use our site to place the order for delivery to them. This makes it super-easy for clients to order as they can just Whatsapp you the order without having to go through an online process. There’s a standard shipping charge of R70 per order, which you will include in your pricing, which will ensure that the order is hygienically and safely packed, and couriered speedily to their door within a few days. Secondly, your clients will never be able to view your salon prices. Every one that registers on our store will be vetted and then manually accepted as we have to make sure that only salons can use the online platform. Once accepted you will be able to view our products and prices in very easy and simple format. This makes it a very safe and salon-friendly site as pricing remains confidential. Once your registration has been accepted you will receive an email with a detailed how to order process as well as a catalogue (for you to share), Recommended Retail Price List on Excel and your confidential salon price list on PDF. We have also made Artwork for you to share with your clients which you may download from HERE

Thirdly, DeMar believes in supporting salons to the fullest during these tough times, so our recommended retail prices already include a generous mark of up to 100%. However, you may adjust the retail price for your own clients, as you place the orders on their behalf. So if you want to offer a fabulous special or charge more on a selected product or range, you may do so! Fourthly, we are proud of our super-affordable yet top quality ranges. This accessible pricing will allow you to meet the needs of clients looking for professional products that will give them fabulous results and condition, within a tighter budget. We hope that our existing salon customers will make the very best use of this site and that it will be helpful, easy and profitable for you during lockdown. If you are not yet a Demar Agencies client, we would love to welcome you on board. Please get in touch and we can chat about how to assist you and your clients through these challenging times!

Click HERE to register now

*no minimum order amount *free 50ml hand sanitiser with EVERY order!

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