Hairnews Webinar Friday 24 April at 10 am: Become a Zoom "Pro"

Zoom is one of the most popular mediums for hosting webinars, and you yourself may well want to start communicating with your salon team and clients on this platform. If you want to be ahead of the pack and become a Zoom superstar, who can get the very most out of this platform, as well as come across in the most professional way, then you are invited to our free Webinar.

You will learn:

• How Zoom works and how to easily operate the settings during calls

• Tips and tricks on how to look your best during a Zoom seminar and what to avoid at all costs!

• Customising your Zoom background so that it brands you and your salon!

• Recording conversations so you can share them after the event

• Customising your screen views and practicing keyboard shortcuts

• Ideas on how you can use Zoom as an easy and effective communication and marketing tool.

If you’re keen to join Hairnews and learn more about how to make the most from Zoom, RSVP now!

Date: Friday 24 April

Time: 10 am

RSVP: Email or Whatsapp 078 822 3148 with the word Webinar, and you will be sent an access code.

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