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How can You Benefit from Using Salon Products?

Are you keen to generate revenue for your salon during lockdown and beyond?

Salon Products is an online portal where your clients can order their products direct – and you get the commission, just as if they were buying from your salon. Salon Products is an authorised supplier to deliver during lockdown, so there will be no delay. Now you can market an even wider range of products to your clients, and they can choose from whatever is available through Salon Products, even if you don’t stock the brand yourself. This makes it even easier for you to benefit when your clients buy their favourite professional products.

Here’s a step by step guide:

1. You register your salon easily and quickly for a low monthly subscription fee that can be cancelled at any time.

2. You notify your clients that they may now buy their professional products through your salon, to be couriered to their home!

3. Your clients order and you are immediately paid the commission portion of the product, which is usually 20 percent of the retail price.

4. You continue to have the benefits of this incredible service even after lockdown!

For more information, or to sign up now, go to www.salonproduct.co.za or message Dirk on 082 302 6009.

Keen to learn more? Watch the video below.

Click HERE to Sign Up with Salon Products and let us start this amazing journey.

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