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Cruise Ship Careers: My Life on Board by Lushe Carstens

Lushe Carstens recently completed a contract on board with Steiner (now known as London Wellness Academy) and plans to return to the ships as soon as they are back in operation and sailing again. Here is an interview with Lushe about her experiences on board.

Q: What ship have you recently been on?

A: I was on RCCL Empress OTS, sailing around the Caribbean, mainly Cuba, Havana and Mexico.

Q: What made you decide to apply to work for The Onboard Spa?

A: I applied to work onboard as it gave me the opportunity to do what I love most which is being a Hairstylist and getting to see places which I would otherwise never have been able to see.

Q: What were your salon hours?

A: The salon hours were usually from 7:30 am until 9:30 pm, with breaks for lunch and dinner. You get days off and time off during the week.

Q: What was your onboard salon like and what were the most popular services?

A: The onboard salon was beautiful. We had the best view looking out onto the ocean and watching sea life appear next to the ship. The most popular hair services were definitely blow outs and curls, as well as haircuts.

Q: What has your best experience been so far?

A: Meeting the crew members and being surrounded with such positive people. And exploring on my days off, to see new places and meet people from different cultures. I can’t wait to sign up for another contract and see more of the world.

Q: What has your biggest learning curve been?

A: My biggest learning curve was being on my own. If you haven’t found yourself as a person this is definitely a way of discovering your inner person. You learn a lot when you need to adjust to new environments.

Q: Do you feel that your experience on board has enhanced your skills and grown you as a person?

A: Definitely. On board, you learn new skills all the time, and because you work with so many different guests you learn a lot of new styles and trends. I will honestly say when I joined the first time I was scared and extremely nervous. But after what I have learned and how my personality has changed, I would never change this experience for anything in the world.

Would you like to have the adventure of a lifetime, seeing new places, working in the career you love, and earning tax-free?

Although the ships are not sailing, interviews are still being done and you can get on the waiting list for when they are operating again! To find out more and for your confidential interview, sign up online at

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