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TPO Profiles: Twincare Professional Outlet Pretoria

Welcome to a new series, where the spotlight is on the awesome Twincare Professional Outlets countrywide.

The TPOs are one-stop shops exclusively for hair and beauty professionals. Here, you can source any products or equipment you need, conveniently and locally, with no minimum order necessary. The TPOs stock a wide range of quality furniture, equipment, tools and accessories, and all Twincare’s brands including colour and retail products.

First in the series is TPO Pretoria.

Location: Moreleta Lifestyle Centre, 620 Spes Bona Drive, Moreleta Park

Tel: 012 997 7156 / 0478

Whatsapp Order: 071 966 9450

TPO Pretoria is owned by Anthony Rath, who owns a number of TPOs as well as his own hair salon, Proline Hair Design

What Sets TPO Pretoria Apart?

Open on Saturday Mornings

This well stocked outlet is open every weekday and also on a Saturday morning from 8-9 am so hairdressers can stock up for those Saturday clients who book last minute!

Dedicated Training Room and Pop-Up Courses

TPO Pretoria has a dedicated training room where pop-up education seminars are held on request. If you are keen to learn more about a certain product, technique or trend, then TPO Pretoria will take your details, contact an expert, and set up a training session so that you can upskill fast and conveniently.

Second Hand Furniture Shop

TPO Pretoria also has a second-hand shop where salons can buy and sell furniture and equipment, which is ideal for someone setting up on a budget or a salon who wants to sell surplus items.

Buy Only What You Need

As with all the TPOs, hair and beauty professionals can walk in and buy exactly what they need. This is ideal for smaller salons who don’t want to keep a lot of stock – you can stock whichever Twincare brand you want, with no minimum order needed! For bigger salons who need to top up in between their regular orders, the TPO is also a life saver!

Whatsapp Order, Delivery Service

TPO Pretoria has a whatsapp number 071 966 9450 where you can place your order so that it is ready for collection, and there is a delivery service for salons in the area which is done by Darren, TPO Pretoria's "Mr Delivery".

What does it take for Anthony to run TPO Pretoria, as well as other TPOs, and run his own salon?

Anthony explains that it takes a great team of staff, and also that as the owner, he gets by on very little sleep! He will be up at 4 or 5 am preparing for the day, checking the Whatsapp orders that have come in overnight, and ensuring that the TPOs have everything they need. Then after working a full day in the salon up to 7 or 8 pm, he will spend a few more hours making sure that all the TPOs are ready for the following day. Even though there’s no time to sleep, Anthony and the TPO team always provide service with a smile.

You’re invited to walk in, browse, and stock up on all those essential items that will make your salon business more profitable and effective.

The TPO team would love to meet you!

TPO Pretoria

Location: Moreleta Lifestyle Centre, 620 Spes Bona Drive, Moreleta Park

Tel: 012 997 7156 / 0478

Whatsapp Order: 071 966 9450

To find the TPO closest to you please use this interactive map or call Twincare on 011 305 1600.

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