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KMS Add Power Range Launches: Fullness for Fine, Fragile Hair

The new Add Power range from KMS makes fine and fragile hair look and feel fuller, and also strengthens it so that it can be styled without damage.

This fabulous range is inspired by the trend of confident beauty seen on the streets of Copenhagen.

Products are enhanced with rice protein, renowned for its strengthening and thickening properties, and contain organic white tea extract, known for being a powerful antioxidant with a lightweight effect on fine hair.

The result? Strong, powerful hair that gives its wearer unlimited options to style and enjoy their own attitude!

The range includes:

Addpower Shampoo – makes fine, weak hair feel stronger and more resilient. It maintains the hair’s natural protein balance for a healthier look and feel.

Addpower Strengthening Fluid – for significantly stronger hair. The hair is left more resilient for styling, and this product detangles and lightly moisturises.

Addpower Thickening Spray – makes fine hair look and feel noticeably thicker, while providing a light hold and anti-static effect. It allows for more gentle styling with 90% less damage, and provides heat protection up to 200 degrees.

Here’s what KMS Style Ambassadors say about the Addpower Range:

“With Addpower, my client’s hair felt significantly thicker.”

“Addpower allows the hair to remain light and weightless.”

“My client was thrilled – her hair had great structure and fullness.”

Do you want to experience this fabulous range in your salon?

Contact Kao South Africa on 011 312 5070 and a friendly rep will visit you!

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