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Be Hair: Perfect Colour in Half the Time

This incredible fast-acting colour range, imported from Italy, allows for perfect results in just half the time.

The permanent colour without ammonia and paraben free, works in just 12 minutes.

Gentle on the scalp and hair, effective, practical to use, fast to apply, and long lasting.

In just 12 minutes, Be Hair colour cream releases all the efficiency of its active ingredients to get the maximum colour into the hair, leaving it bright, regenerated and protected.

The range offers:

Maximum white hair coverage.

Delicate on scalp and hair.

Lightening up to 4 tones.

Protective action.

Long lasting pigment and hair reflection.

Practical application.

Effective restructuring action.

Brilliant and uniform colour.

Why does the Be Hair range leave the hair so strong and well conditioned?

Be Hair is rich in the powerful ingredients caviar, keratin and collagen.

Caviar is a rich and precious ingredient that has a restructuring, revitalising and antioxidant action, a real “luxury” for the hair. It contains micronutrients, protein, mineral salt, amino acids, phospholipids, essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, E, D and omega fatty acids. Caviar extract has a restructuring and revitalising action. It counteracts cell ageing, preventing the formation of free radicals and is effective against hair dehydration.

Keratin is a precious protein, which is one of the fundamental elements of hair. It is able to bind hair structure giving tone and strength. It has a reinvigorating and recompacting action, restoring the protein loss from hair fibre, strengthening it and making it more resistant, solid, robust, repaired and restructured.

Collagen is a natural protein responsible for cell cohesion which has a filling action. Rich in amino acids, it revitalises hair and balances its hydrolipidic film, leaving the the shaft with elasticity, body and density.

The Be Hair range is effective, practical and versatile and ensures excellent and lasting results in super-fast time for the satisfaction of professionals and customers.

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