Milkshake Natural Care Masks: Customisable Solutions for Glorious Hair

Natural, fast-working, fabulously effective and customisable according to each client, the versatile Milkshake Natural Masks are the ideal solution to restore hair to perfect, shiny health.

The four different masks are made from natural, edible powders packed with vitamins and minerals to treat each specific hair problem. Simply choose the best mask for your client’s needs, and combine it with the natural care mask base. The protein compound activates once mixed, for a creamy, soft, nourishing mask with a delicious fragrance.

Milk Mask for Dry or Damaged Hair

The restorative power of milk acts on the inner and outer structure of the hair, restructuring it while deeply nourishing. Milk protein amino acids bind to the hair’s structure, giving strength and body.

Yogurt Mask for Normal or Coloured Hair

The rich nutrition of yogurt, including lactic acid, vitamins and proteins, acts on the inner and outer structure of the hair, restructuring the hair while protecting the colour for a vibrant result.

Cocoa Mask for Normal or Coarse Hair

The powerful antioxidant properties of cocoa offer a strong nourishing effect on the hair. The mask performs on the inner and outer hair structure, restoring the hair for amazing softness, shine and health.

Papaya Mask for Fine or Dull Hair

Rich in vitamins and essential antioxidants, papaya restores the inner and outer structure of the hair for a vibrant, healthy result. The vitamins and minerals revitalise and hydrate the hair giving strength and body.

The Restructuring Mask Base

This base can be used with the natural milk, yogurt, cocoa and papaya powder compounds.

Its powerful active ingredients include:

• Avocado and rice oils for hydration, condition and softness.

• Extracts of blackberry and papaya, rich with vitamins and minerals, to revitalise hair.

• Honey extract for condition and protection.

• Specific silicones for softness, manageability and shine.

• Integrity 41 to protect the colour from free radicals and maintain radiant colour.

• UV filter to protect hair from UVB rays.

Easy to mix and use, the masks work in just 5-10 minutes. Your clients will love the fragrances and the brilliant results, and the customisable powders create an interactive salon experience that is exciting.

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