Why a Dyson Supersonic Professional Dryer should be your 2020 Investment

Top quality equipment gives you an edge in every aspect of hairdressing – speed, effectiveness, ease of use, versatility, aesthetics, and the professional image you portray to your clients.

The Dyson Supersonic Professional v2 has been engineered and perfected with busy hairstylists in mind. This dryer can speed up your services, leave hair healthier and shinier, allow for precision styling, and create a quieter environment in the salon.

Here are the features and benefits of this incredible hairdryer:

Fast, Light Motor

The hairdryer’s motor is lighter, and an average of six times faster, than other dryers’ motors, and contains Air Multiplier technology, giving you high velocity airflow that makes the drying process much quicker.

Ergonomic Balanced Design

Having the motor located in the dryer’s handle gives an extremely balanced feel and makes the dryer comfortable and ergonomic to use. Hairdressers who experience repetitive strain injuries when drying with a normal dryer, will notice the improvement with the Dyson. It’s engineered specifically for all-day use.


The motor is acoustically tuned and extremely quiet, allowing for communication and conversation while drying.

Intelligent Heat Control

Intelligent heat control monitors the temperature 20 times per second so your dryer will never overheat or damage the hair. The result: Super-shiny hair, even when you are doing close-up precision styling.

Snap-On Snap-Off Attachments

The nozzles have strong magnetic attachments that attach and remove instantly, and the professional concentrator offers wider airflow, meaning fewer brush strokes are needed to style.

With a new and improved filter that is simple to remove and clean, a 3.3 metre long professional cord, negative ions to help reduce static, this dryer is the future of hairdressing – a top quality investment that will prove its worth, and delight you and your clients, every day in the salon.

Standard Accessories Now Include:

• Professional concentrator

• Smoothing nozzle

• Diffuser

• Non slip heat mat

• Spare filter cage

• Filter cleaning brush

• Storage hanger

To order your dryer or enquire about the special hairstylist price, call Customer Helpline: 087 807 9353

Or Email: dysonsales@tudortech.co.za

Watch the video to see how the Dyson Supersonic Professional performs.

For more information, click HERE.

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