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Jadie Herbst from Jadie Professionals: When Long Hair is Too Long

Leading hairstylist Jadie Herbst from Jadie Professionals in Bloemfontein recently posted on the salon’s social media about when long hair is “too long” and when she thinks that clients should be ready to chop off a few inches for a better look.

Do you agree with this? If so let us know by emailing with your views on long hair.

I’m pro long hair - always have been. I’m not “that” stylist that cuts off 10cm after being asked to cut off 1cm.

I take the time to explain to clients WHY you have to cut your hair and keep the ends healthy, and WHY your hair won’t grow if you don’t. But lately I can’t help feeling a bit “over” long hair.

I see these beautiful, stunning young girls, in the peak of their youth, they have great skin, wear beautiful clothes with their summer tans... and then, this one length, ratty long hair, that touches their hip bones and it just hangs, weighing down their natural beauty so heavily. There is nothing flattering about long hair that just hangs. It’s not shaped, it’s not styled. It’s doing nothing for you - especially if you have a strong colour like black.

Girls, try not to get stuck in a rut with your hair. I understand the attachment, I’ve been there. But growing your hair down to your bum and then just doing nothing with it is such a wasted potential. With dimensional brunettes, balayages and lived in colour SO HOT right now, why would you not tap into that?

I’m not saying cut your hair off, long hair is beautiful. But be honest enough to ask yourself is your hair bouncy, alive and shiny, and is it doing something for you? Or is it just hanging, like 2 long drapes next to your face weighing you down? If you want long hair make an effort to style it so it looks like something. Add dimension and movement to your colour. Sometimes I feel like walking up to people and asking if I could colour their hair for free just because of the potential I see. If only they knew ... if only!!!

(Work by Jadie Professionals)

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