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Milkshake and BHE: Festive Greetings and Thanks for an Exceptional Year

We would like to thank all our loyal Milkshake and BHE stockist salons for your wonderful support this year.

Our milk_shake brand experienced 43.5% growth in 2019. We are delighted with this exceptional growth.

We believe this growth is due to Milkshake being a high quality professional product range, and that we have had continuous and ongoing product launches and upgrades which have kept this brand fresh and exciting. In 2019 alone, four new ranges and two rebranded products were introduced.

We are thrilled that our milk_shake stockist salons have experienced an increase in profits.

This is because our range is priced fairly and is competitive in the professional market. We offer high profit margins on both retail and professional products. The high quality of the products encourages repeat purchases, and we have introduced regular special offers to provide additional value and encourage new clients to try this brand.

Milkshake South Africa has adopted the Milkshake International marketing guidelines which include no print media, and a focus on online and web-based marketing. Milkshake South Africa will continue to support Milkshake International’s initiatives to reduce environmental impact and pollution, while embracing a natural approach to product development.

Wishing all our salons a wonderful festive season, and we look forward to 2020 – may it be an exciting and rewarding year for all our supporters. We wish you ongoing growth and success, and peace and fulfilment both inside and outside of the salon.

From Georg Marnewick, Marku Branders, and the team at Milkshake South Africa.

Want to find out more about how the Milkshake range can add value to your business?

Contact milk_shake on Head Office: 021 552 2369 | Email: marku@z-one.co.za or georg@z-one.co.za www.z-one.co.za | Facebook | Twitter

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