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Festive Greetings, January Opening Dates and Testimonials from Inoar Ambassadors

INOAR wants to wish all our clients a blessed & merry Festive season! Thank you for your loyal support in 2019 & sharing in our passion, which is beautiful hair for all. We are so excited for 2020 - Bigger, Better, Stronger! Exciting things await, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Happy Holidays & Hair Days! INOAR’s offices are now closed and will reopen on 8 January 2020. Message from Hendrien Kruger, CEO of INOAR South Africa

We can all agree that 2019 was a very difficult financial year for SA. Yet, it is in these difficult times that we are forced to put our energy and passion towards the things we have control over. People, team members, training. Some can argue that professional hair products are a luxury.. reserved for only a few. But this year I have learned again that in difficult times, women need to feel good and well groomed when things around them fall apart. When you can’t exercise control over what’s happening in the world/money/politics .. you crave control over what you can fix. Whether it is cleaning your cupboards or grooming yourself. Since Inoar’s focus is respect for people, environment and animals: this grounding principle of back to quality basics has served those in love with this brand who’s promises of difference touched lives.

We have had the much talked about launch of Inoar Sensitine. A 3 in 1 cleansing lotion designed for problem scalps, hair growth and gentle cleansing. Numerous clients took the time to share their Inoar journeys. From a lady recovering of cancer to a little boy (image below) who had just survived 8 months of intense chemo.. their hair journeys touched us deeply. Enforcing my belief that a good hair day is under rated. It is your crown.

The new Inoar Afro Vegan line that is busy transforming not only ethnic hair, but ALL southern hemisphere, mixed race hair types. Professional home care that is making waves.. frizz free waves. Proper hair care is not a luxury, it’s your right. Inoar Ambassador Testimonials

Chad Hanna, Owner of Chad Hanna Hair Team JHB

Inoar is a single word, that holds such strength and creative energy, both with my staff and our clients. The years journey with the Inoar team has been incredible. Technically on point. The growth together this year has been unlimited. From the Chad Hanna Creating New Boundaries team, we wish Inoar and their families a blessed festive season.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Gilbert Mofubelo, Celebrity Stylist, Lume Salon Cape Town

I worked on a popular Mooimaak makeover tv show on Kyknet for 2 seasons, I have worked with a few local celebrities and influential people for local magazines including covers and editorials. Working with Inoar products for the past year has been a great pleasure, not only had it changed my life but it had definitely made my work easier. Inoar provides instant results and the client can see and feel the change in their hair immediately. All their products are free of Sulphates and parabens and are not tested on animals and they are affordable. Here's 2 of my favourite products that I really adore and personally recommend to everyone that wants to have beautiful healthy hair. 1. G hair: This is an anti-frizz keratin treatment performed in the hair salon and it has made a huge difference to my clients as it cuts down your blow drying time in half and leaves your hair silky smooth and shiny for 3- 4 months. And for those that want to have very straight hair it can provide that. 2. Inoar Argan oil Thermoliss: For me as a stylist and working on set most times I always have to use a lot of products as I use hot styling tools. but Inoar Argan oil Thermoliss it smooths out the frizz and the blow dry lasts the whole day with lasting heat protection so I use hot tools to change hair styles confidently without worrying about damaging my model's hair. And it is a good product to have at home if you blow dry your hair often. Inoar is a life changer and a time saver!

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tosca Salon Group - Cape Town

Our clients are in love with the products and so are we! Thank you Inoar for fantastic service and phenomenal products.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Lizane Steenkamp – Inoar User during Chemotherapy

My hair is actually growing! No hair in June, some hair in August, and this evening. Lots of growth despite still undergoing chemo. Thanks to INOAR and Hendrien Kruger. Sensitine rocks!

If you would like your clients to benefit from Inoar's fabulous, effective, great value products, get in touch. We would love to come and see you and do an in-salon demo of any products that interest or inspire you.

Please contact us on or after 8 January on:

Tel: 012 346 1721

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