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Blonde Makeover Magic by Stefan Ellis, Colour Lab Hair Studio, George

What sorcery is this?

Time spent: 6 hours.

250g of Bleach, 100ml colour, 650ml peroxide used and 1451 foils later. (Just kidding)

253 foils later.

She is Blond!!!!

We did full head foil with bleach and 20vol. And Bleach and 1,5vol.

Why 1,5 vol you might ask?

As you can see in the video and pics, some parts of the hair was already lightened. It just had a very yellow brassy under tone. All I want to do is take out that brassy yellow and make it a cleaner blond without damaging it any further.

The foils was as thin and fine as I could possibly make them and almost packed in back to back.

I spent almost 150 min foiling the hair, rinsing the back part, half way through at 75 min in.

Toner used was 10.1 and 10.21, equal parts. With 1 part 1,5 vol. And one part water. Toner left on for 20 min. Emulsified for 5 min and then rinsed.

We then treaded the hair with Olaplex 2 at the basin for 20 min, after that we shampooed with a purple shampoo to make that Colour even more shinier and beautiful. We ended it off with a Biosense Colour care Conditioner. #lovethisproduct.

I specifically love this conditioner because it restores the hair’s natural pH value which is very important after colouring hair as it helps prevent damage. Biosense Colour Care conditioner is the ultimate Colour Companion to any coloring regime.

Colour Lab Hair Studio

25 Courtenay Street, George

044 873 4787

Want to see where the magic is made?

Take a look inside Colour Lab Hair Studio!

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