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Get Your Hair Summer Ready with Botugen Botox by Fanola

The perfect balance of moisture and protein

Are your clients coming back from holiday with dull, broken, damaged hair?

Fanola’s Botugen is a super-effective treatment that repairs from the inside, restoring hair that has suffered chemical, environmental or thermal damage to silky smooth, shiny and healthy perfection.

Botugen is the only professional program for the reconstruction of brittle, damaged hair that effectively penetrates the hair cortex and adds Keratin into the hair as opposed to coating the outside of the hair shaft. It is also FREE of all sulphates and other salts.

The name Botugen derives from the main ingredient Botolife. On contact with the water present in hair, the Botolife molecule expands, creating a three dimensional mesh that makes the hair’s fibre thicker and more voluminous, penetrating into problem areas of the cortex and reconstructs damaged hair from the inside, strengthening the cuticle and making it compact and elastic, restructuring and plumping up brittle and damaged hair.

In just 4 steps, the hair instantly restores to its natural protein balance, achieving a healthy and more vital lively look that has volume and shine while also reconstructing the damaged areas to your hair cuticles.

The difference between a Brazilian or traditional keratin treatments and Botugen?

Brazilians and keratin treatments coat the outside layer of the hair whilst the Botugen Botox treatment adds keratin to the inside of the hair thus creating a healing ritual for chemically, mechanically and environmentally damaged hair. Both Brazilians, keratin treatments and Botugen can we be used together as a great treatment plan for your clients.

Watch the video to see exactly how this phenomenal treatment works!

Order your Botugen today and transform your clients’ dull, damaged, post-holiday hair into shining glory!

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