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What do Bargaining Council Agents Do when Visiting your Salon?

The functions, duties and powers of an Agent is encapsulated within the Labour Relations Act.

The Agent’s main function is to ensure that the stipulations within the Council Agreement, are adhered to, by both the employer and employee. Their functions are also to educate you on the stipulations in the Main Agreement, for example:

• Identify themselves, as per their Agent ID Cards

• Explain the meaning of the conditions of employment. (As per the Registration Pack)

• Explain the rules and benefits of the National Sick Pay Fund

• Explain the benefits of the National Pension Fund

• Explain the different levies, and the contributions to the Union and EOHCB.

• Explain how the Returns (Accounts) are generated, and what the items on the Returns mean. (there is an explanatory document that assist the employers with this)

• Explain procedures, in terms of Dispute Resolution, and how to refer matters through the Council.

Inform you who your EOHCB or Union representatives are.

Should you not receive these services, you are welcome to e-mail the Compliance Officer, Grace, at or 011 760 1685

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