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Fiery Creativity from Liza Visagie, Salon Azurelle

The client loves this bright and striking look which although vivid, is so well executed that it has a natural effect.

“Only with Elumen colour,” Liza emphasises. Here is how she created the total look.

The client was pre lightened with a regrowth of 6+cm. I just went over the previous hair and did a soft blend with Goldwell Silklift Ammonia free and 10 vol. Then we went with a Balayage diagonal back solid sections with one solid panel of Elumen Formula 1. Next solid panel Formula 2. Next solid panel Formula 3. Then next solid panel Formula 2 again. Then repeat from Formula 1, 2 and 3 and then repeat 2 again.


1. (30 ml)PK@all +

(20ml) VV@all.

2. (60ml) PK@all.

3.(25ml)PK@all +

(25ml) YY@all.

Salon Azurelle, Eikestad Mall, Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Tel: 076 194 5530

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