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milk_shake Scalp Care Range for Effective Professional Solutions

Our 15 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry, combined with a deep knowledge of biological factors involved in scalp disorders, have allowed us to create the latest supreme products for hair and scalp care. This is a range that makes a real, lasting difference to clients by solving the most problematic hair and scalp issues.

Gentle products that respect the scalp’s delicate balance, result in high quality, targeted and efficient solutions that assist with dandruff, excess sebum, and thinning hair.

Trichological innovation combined with organic plant based ingredients offer a natural, long lasting and visible well-being of scalp and hair. The formulas are made in Italy, using high quality technology with selected essential oils and perfumes for the best possible mood-lifting, cosmetic experience.

Environmentally friendly packaging has been used with biodegradable, recyclable glass bottles and paper from responsibly managed sources.

The Range

Purifying Blend: counteracts the buildup of impurities for a healthy, shiny result. Natural active ingredients with purifying properties protect the scalp and help solve excessive dandruff, grease, and environmental residues.

Purifying Blend Shampoo is enriched with detoxifying AFA seaweed, soothing organic nettle extract, anti-dandruff organic achillea extract, anti-bacterial zinc pyrithione, protective allantoil and sebum-absorbing magnesium and aluminium silicate.

Normalizing Blend: solves the problem of hair that tends to get greasy quickly. It removes greasy residue with a deep normalising action, while respecting the balance that governs sebum production in the scalp.

Normalizing Blend Shampoo is enriched with delicate surfactants that control sebum release, antioxidant organic coriander extract, soothing helichrysum extract, conditioning panthenol, and soothing cedar and coriander oils.

Energizing Blend: this targeted solution for thin, fragile hair has a stimulating and revitalising action with active ingredients that energise the hair and scalp and have a densifying effect while fighting hair loss.

Energizing Blend Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Treatment are enriched with a powerful blend of botanical extracts and conditioners to invigorate and stimulate the hair shaft to enhance micro-circulation and encourage new growth.

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