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Report Back: Goldwell Elumen Restage & Showcase: A Celebration of Colour, Style & Trends

The Goldwell Elumen Restage & Showcase event, held at Soiree, Rivonia, on Monday 23 September, drew a fantastic audience and was also livestreamed countrywide for thousands more to enjoy.

The event featured live shows and education from SA’s Elumenator Salome de Wet who is a member of the international Goldwell artistic team, as well as the iconic Bernadine Malan, Mia Crous and Shawn Bubb, who presented fabulous trend collections. Interactive kiosks gave guests the chance to explore and ask questions about the Goldwell colours, and there were incredible deals and specials launched on the night, as well as prize giveaways.

MC for the evening, Goldwell-KMS educator Craig Hopkins, introduced the new Elumen Pastel shades, and spoke about the difference between Elumen high performance permanent colour, and Elumen Play, the semi-permanent range that is designed to fade on tone. Craig also discussed how Elumen works together with Goldwell’s other powerful colour brands, Topchic and Colorance. He spoke about the years of R&D that had gone into the incredible @Pure Pigments which add a multidimensional intensity for an incredible result.

Interviews with Guest Artists Salome de Wet, Bernadine Malan, Mia Crous & Shawn Bubb

Salome de Wet – International Elumenator

Q: How did it feel to be chosen as part of the incredible international team?

A: I was completely blown away! I did not expect to be chosen for this team, I am honoured to be part of it and it was life changing.

Q: What did the collaboration involve?

A: Four different Elumenators from all over the world were briefed by our global artistic director about the new theme, concept and idea. We worked so well as a team and the blend of cultures was amazing especially since we all speak the language of hair. I learned a lot about photography and behind the scenes, and how to create your own collection, and I brought so much knowledge back with me to use in my everyday salon work.

Q: Why do you love working with Elumen?

A: I love working with Elumen because it is like a paint box, you have the freedom to create any shade, and I love the option of Elumen Play as it brings new clients on board with the product. The durability, shine, and the technology is unbeatable. The colours you create are exactly what you see on the hair. The condition and feel of the hair is amazing.

Q: What’s your artistic advice to other competitive hairstylists?

A: Never give up. Try and put yourself out there as much as you can, do competitions and show work, surround yourself with like minded people, join a salon where they do the work you want to do, take risks and steal with your eyes. Work harder than others, spend more time than others, be obsessed and in love with what you do.

Q: What does the future hold for you?

A: I would love to focus on growing my business and my team – I love being a salon owner and inspiring hair stylists and growing them from scratch is a passion of mine. We all want to enter Color Zoom next year and I will mentor my team and would love to shoot my own collections. I see myself doing a lot of education all over SA, I am passionate about growing our industry. Whatever I can contribute to uplift and empower, I would love to!

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Bernadine Malan

Q: What inspired your collection?

A: My inspiration for this collection was the beautiful new pastel tones and base tones Goldwell Elumen has to offer. I teamed the colours up with a variety of textures and styling techniques to give it a super earthy feel. Like Salome said so well at the show, “We are finding ways to make colourful hair look natural and expensive.“

Q: What do you use most for your creative work in the salon?

A: Elumen has become my absolute go to for any creative work in the salon because of the longevity and quality of the colour reflects . It’s like a huge palette of paint that’s intermixable... any shade can be made or created. The possibilities are endless.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Mia Crous

Q: What inspired your collection?

A: My collection’s name was Exotic Runway, and it was more playful with texture and styling – we focus on cut and colour and can forget how important these are. I played with rings, jewellery, teasing, crimping. Front cover, runway looks that also work for everyday if you style them differently.

Q: Do you have a favourite colour brand within Goldwell’s stable?

A: I love working with all the Goldwell colours – my collection was created with Topchic and Colorance. I am enjoying the new Elumen Play as it is perfect for clients who don’t want a commitment but who want to chop and change and literally play. It’s amazing for shine and you can achieve so many different looks. It’s easy to work with and apply and smells divine.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Shawn Bubb

Q: What inspired your collection?

A: I chose to do a Bridal Collection as I wanted to showcase the amazing shades of Goldwell Colorance Pastels and Pure Pigments, and the colours contrasted beautifully with the white dresses and white flowers – florals in the hair are a huge bridal trend at the moment.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with Elumen?

A: Elumen is the most amazing colour – I think everyone who uses it falls in love with it because no other colour even comes close to the shine or longevity you get from Elumen!

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