REF Create the Look: Beach Waves, Undone Texture & Perfect Ponytails

The spotlight is on two of REF’s versatile superstar styling products, Ocean Mist and Thickening Spray, which are ideal for creating modern, trendy looks with ease, both in the salon, and at home. Here is more on these products, and the how-tos.

Ocean Mist

This mineral-rich sea salt spray adds texture, density, and an after-beach feeling to hair, leaving it natural looking with a matte finish and a soft, natural effect. It’s ideal for managing curls as well as for upstyling.

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How To: Scrunch and Twist Beach Waves

Lightly scrunch the product into hair from the bottom up.

Twist sections for additional definition.

Allow the hair to finish drying naturally – or alternatively dry it using the cool setting with a hairdryer.

Other Versatile Uses for Ocean Mist

Breathe Life into Unwashed Hair: Ocean Mist is ideal for keeping hair looking great for one final day between washes.

Undone Texture: It can also be used to give braids and upstyles more texture, by lightly spritzing over the desired area and massaging into the hair for an “undone” look.

From Groomed Curls to Messy Waves: Using Ocean Mist on hair that has been curled with a hot tool will make the look messier, breaking down the curls into more natural waves

REF Thickening Spray

This nourishing, volumizing spray is perfect for a quick boost of texture, adding density and fullness to hair, and giving extra body to fine or thin hair. The product remains flexible and touchable while protecting the hair from humidity.

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How To: Perfect Ponytails with REF Thickening Spray

When clients put their hair into ponytails it often looks like a “last minute fix” rather than a styled hairdo. If Thickening Spray is used all over the head, before a quick blow dry, it will make the hair look fuller and will make the ponytail look much more styled, improving it 1000 percent!

Clients can rough up their hair a bit before pulling it into the ponytail, and once in the ponytail they should gently tug at the hair on the sides and the crown, to create more volume.

Love these looks? Why not try the products!

Contact us to try out these incredible products, and find out how the REF range can benefit your clients and salon.

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