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Why Barbering is Booming

We’ve all seen the trends – barbering products are exploding. Barber shops are becoming destination stores, and salons are including barbering areas in their own salon to create a mini-haven for gents.

Why is barbering so popular, and is this trend likely to come and go, or stay for the long term?

A recent article in American Salon explained that men’s grooming is becoming more and more of an essential. It’s not just women who are judged on their appearance these days. Whether you’re in the workplace or the social scene, the groomed look is imperative.

Social media is a big factor in barbering’s popularity, because so many aspects of the industry are exposed to such a wide audience – and social channels also offer constant inspiration for barbers, who can draw on each others’ ideas to give clients the latest, best, edgiest looks.

A market research report on the barbering industry in the USA, compiled in January 2019, found that the industry is on the upward trend, with steady annual growth from 2014 to 2019.

The report has found that although there has not been a notable increase in the demand for this industry’s services, the increase in population has contributed to growth as barber shops have a larger customer base, and in addition, barbers are generating more money per person, thanks to the popularity of more specialised services.

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