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Four Fab Fashion Trends for Spring-Summer 2019

There are some delightful fashion trends wowing the catwalks for spring-summer 2019 – here are some of the directions that designers are taking!

Athleisure: Bike Shorts Paired with Blazers

Gym wear is becoming office wear and the boundaries are blurring! Although your clients might not want to wear bike shorts to work (yet), this combo is super-trendy for when they are out and about! And as for wearing this in the salon – well, if it’s on trend, it’s on you, right?

Animal Print: The Bolder, The Better

All animal prints are trendy this summer season, but leopard print is the runaway favourite, and the louder, the better. Strong, striking designs pair well with these bold prints and don’t be scared to go for an all-over animal print effect – including your accessories.

Boiler Suits – Putting the “Fun” into “Functional”

These are a fabulous blend of colourful and utilitarian, with the added bonus that they’re really comfortable. These suits were originally designed for protection while doing manual labour, but the garments on the street are beautiful and stylish, and available in a whole range of colours.

Lavender Tones – Muted Down Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet was the Pantone colour for 2018, and it’s no surprise that a toned-down version is being worn by street-style stars and fashionistas. It’s a very stylish and flattering colour that works on just about all skin tones – so you decide whether you’re going to flaunt it all over, or choose lavender jackets and accessories.

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