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Muk Keratin Smoothing treatment: Heading for the Industry’s Number 1 Position

In just a few short weeks, muk keratin is already heading for the Number 1 position in SA!....(Why??)

Because muk Keratin Smoothing Treatment is fortified with muk Haircare's Micro Keratin Technology. This technology revitalises the hair's natural protective layer, rebuilds tensile strength, restores elasticity, equalises porosity, reduces breakage, and the best part… there is ZERO FORMALDEHYDE!



Why are salons all over South Africa amazed by the superlative performance of this formaldehyde-free smoothing keratin treatment?

Find out for yourself and see how this incredible treatment out-performs industry standards, on every hair texture. We’ll come to your salon, book a playdate, and you can experience the astonishing results for yourself!

To Book a playdate email your salon details to: info@mukhair.co.za

In keeping with our promise to the muk family of salons that we care about your business, this treatment requires a low financial investment, and allows you to make fantastic revenue in your salon, with happy clients who will instantly become repeat customers.



• 100% Formaldehyde free formula

• Complete system with booster

• Can be used on any hair texture

• Maximum frizz control and humidity protection

• Maximum curl reduction and smoothing

• Faster blow-drying and finishing

• Results last for up to 12 weeks

• Low financial investment for salons

• High increase in average $ per client revenue


Want muk now?


Email: info@mukhair.co.za

Web: www.mukhair.co.za

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