Slick Salon Solutions Business Seminar Report Back

On 26 June, Slick Salon Solutions held a business seminar in Johannesburg, open to their clients as well as other salons. The guest star was business coach Roy Odegard, who spoke about how to make your business grow and thrive, even during tough economic times.

The seminar covered building a business that works without you, keeping cash flow constant and predictable, hiring the right people, using your time better, and the formula for growing your profits by up to 61% in 12 months.

Hairdressers very often see themselves as hairdressers, which is understandable, Roy says. “However it can mean they don’t focus on the fact they own and operate a business, and there is a fundamental difference in the two perspectives. A successful hairdresser will have different goals from a successful salon owner who wants to build a hairdressing empire!”

Slick Salon Solutions owner Brandon Randall explains, “By not creating value in our businesses, we do ourselves an injustice. Today was not about a brand, but rather uplifting the industry and giving our dedicated, passionate hairdressers a methodology to create more value in their lives and businesses.”

Slick Salon Solutions are planning another business seminar in September which will focus on social media in the salon, and how hairdressers can make the best use of it. This will be open for anyone in the industry to attend.

If you’d like to stay updated regarding this, and other future business seminars, contact Slick Salon Solutions on 011 794 5286 or email

More About Slick Salon Solutions

Slick Salon Solutions was started 8 years ago by Brandon Randall, who formerly worked in sales and management at L’Oréal.

Slick Salon Solutions distributes premium performance and market leading brands in its Portfolio. Matrix, Mycro-keratin, Moyoko, Veaudry, Nicci G and their own line of accessories, just to name a few. They also pride themselves as the external distribution arm for Redken and L’Oréal Professionnel and are able to back up these brands with same-day delivery, enabling these brands to be more accessible to the Hairdresser.

With ‘Sales Gurus’, that can help with all Business needs from –

  1. Cost Management

  2. Profitable Pricing that will deliver a return on Investment

  3. Business Masterclass advice and more...

THAT’S what makes them your premium distribution partner. Slick Salon Solutions is truly your one stop shop, that can offer your salon everything you need.

Call Centre – 0861 1 SLICK

  1. Slick Head Office JHB – Slick Head Office – West Rand (011) 794 5286

  2. Slick PRETORIA – Serwalo Colbyn (012) 342 0508

  3. Slick SOUTH – Glenvista (011) 022 1362

  4. Slick EAST – (Ex Hairlovers) 0861 1 SLICK

  5. Slick DURBAN – (031) 563 4444

Mini Interview with Roy Odegard

Q: Does building a business mean you can’t focus on being a hairdresser?

A: No – an example is celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger who owns an empire of salons in New York.

Q: What is the most important advice for building a business?

A: Building a business requires a learning curve, as you will need knowledge that you may not already have or understand. You have to learn how to operate a business, how to hire and fire, how to train your people, and how to understand and make decisions based on the financial side of things. This all requires a totally different perspective from the day to day in-salon activities of a hairstylist.

Q: Will the journey to success be different for every salon owner?

A: Absolutely. Each business is different and every owner has specific challenges holding them back, as well as their own dreams and aspirations and their own strengths and weaknesses.

Q: Where should a salon owner start?

A: You have to learn before you can earn. There are no shortcuts. In order to build a massively successful business, you have to learn how to do it. You need to start acquiring knowledge you may not have had before. There’s no way you can grow a business without first growing yourself. So you have to be willing to invest time and money in yourself in order to take your business forward.

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