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Incredible New Follicle Strengthening and Hair Regrowth Patches Available!

The Tricovit transdermal patches provides nutritional support for hair follicles to prevent androgenic hair loss and encourage hair growth. It is hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested.

It furthermore:

• Improves micro-circulation in the epidermis and avoid the congestion of capillaries

• Inhibits the passage of testosterone to the scalp

• Regulates the level of testosterone in the epidermis

• Prevents androgenic hair loss and loss as a result of stress

• Nourishes the hair follicles to improve hair formation

• Regenerates collagen

• Releases L-cysteine that aids in the strength of the newly grown hair

• Supplies adenosine which prolongs the hair growth phase

• Acts as anti-oxidant

• Controls the secretion of sebum to prevent excessive oiliness

• Assists in solving seborrhoea and dermatitis in the scalp

The patches are supplied in units of 28 patches which is the equivalent of one month’s supply.

Contact us on marketing@nebeau.co.za or visit www.nebeau.co.za to order yours today.

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