Revolutionary Permanent Hair Colour by Inebrya to Inspire Every Hair Stylist

In an ideal world your hair colour would give you 100% grey coverage, lasting colour retention and brilliant shine. But customers want more than that – they want hair colour that regenerates and hydrates the hair during the chemical process to ensure optimum hair health.

Inebrya gives you all that with its modernized formula.

Inebrya combats scalp sensitivity as the colour is PPD free. Instead it contains paratoluenediamine (“PTD”), the new generation colour intermediates for improved scalp toleration. The color pigments used are ultra-high quality pure micro-pigments, free from mineral impurities that may cause irritation and allergies.

The formula contains Linseed oil for brilliance and luminosity and Aloe Vera to sooth the scalp and combat sensitivity. Karite Butter regenerates and hydrates the hair.

Inebrya gives you 100% grey coverage. Even the fantasy colours contain a base of natural pure pigments so there is no need to add naturals to ensure grey coverage.

Inebrya is renowned for its colour retention.

  • Ultra high-quality micro-pigments ensure better penetration into the cortex.

  • The patented red pigment Pyrazol ensures that the fire red colour will not fade.

  • Dual Colour Technology (“DCT”) includes two pigment molecules in different sizes - the smaller molecule penetrates the hair shaft and expands during the colour process; the bigger molecule attaches to the cuticle to avoid fading.

  • For optimum colour hold, it is recommended to finalise the colour process with the Pro Color Protocol. The Pro Color Cream crystallises, seals and stabilises the micro-pigments, closes the cuticle scales and extends the duration and quality of colour while enhancing intensity and shine. After 4 weeks colour is more luminous, bright and intense.

Inebrya gets a brilliant colour result that is 100% in line with the colour chart.

  • Inebrya supports the health and quality of the hair.

  • When setting the pigment ratios for each nuance, Stoichiometric rules are used. This means that pigments are measured in actual molecular counts and not in weights to ensure that ALL colour pigments are used during the colour process, without waste, as any remaining pigments may alter the final result.

  • The colour pigments used are free from mineral impurities to ensure excellent stability as well as colour duration.

This superb colour range is available to qualified hairdressers only.

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